The Pilates Studio Utah

The Pilates Studio Utah is located in Heber City, Utah. We strive to provide an authentic Pilates experience through fully certified teachers who are dedicated to teaching with a systematic and classical approach to training. We believe in teaching based off of the core principals of Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath, and Flow. Our teachers strive to provide their students with a holistic experience including nutrition and lifestyle encouragement to ensure their goals are met.

Class Types

We offer a variety of Pilates classes including reformer, mat, wundachair and springboard classes. We also offer private or group sessions, depending on your needs. You can read more about our classes here. We also provide sessions for corporate retreats. For more information, call/text us at (917) 417-9096.

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What to Expect

At The Pilates Studio Utah, you can expect small class sizes with Pilates exercises tailored to each individual’s skill level. We are a small studio that strives to provide the best experience for all of our clients. How do you sign up? Easy! View our class schedule, and then call/text us at (917) 417-9096 to reserve your spot.

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Health & Safety

Your safety is a top priority while practicing at our studio. We make sure to limit our class sizes, thoroughly sanitize all equipment between classes, and only entrust you into the professional hands of certified Pilates instructors.

The Pilates Studio Utah is proud to be an affiliate site for Beacon Pilates Teacher Training programs!

Our Classical Pilates Teacher Training Program is based on the core values and teachings of Joseph Pilates. We use a system-based approach to provide students the necessary tools to work with clients with various needs and at multiple levels. We are a true mentoring program. You will receive feedback during each stage and we are here to address any questions throughout the entire process.

Ready to begin your path to a career you will love?

Teacher Training is available through The Pilates Studio Utah! If you’re interested in starting down the path to a career you will love, reach out to us for details on courses, certifications, and enrollment instructions.

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We are excited to announce you can now find The Pilates Studio Utah on the Vagaro App! Download the app and bookmark our business. With this convenient app, you’ll be able to reserve Pilates sessions, view the weekly class schedule, pay for upcoming Teacher Training courses, and more!