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Lisa Wark got her start in Pilates in New York City. She began by taking private lessons, and after four years her instructor suggested she become certified to teach. This led her to be certified in 2006 at Power Pilates in NYC, which is a school with a strong foundation in classical Pilates philosophy by Joseph Pilates, and she has been teaching ever since. Being based in New York allowed Lisa the opportunity to surround herself with industry leaders and top level instructors to help her hone her skills both in her own practice and as an instructor. She continues to keep up with the newest developments in the industry by traveling to take classes and attending workshops online. 

After running her own business in New York for 27 years not related to Pilates, Lisa made the move to Utah in 2011 and saw a need for a Pilates studio in her community. She wanted to take all that she had learned in New York and bring it to her new home as a way to continue her own practice, and provide locals with an opportunity to expand theirs as well. Her business acumen and love for Pilates were a perfect combination for starting The Pilates Studio Utah in 2012.

As an instructor, Lisa focuses on individualizing her classes to each person attending and is skilled at teaching all levels in one class while ensuring each person focuses on precision and gets a good workout in. She enjoys helping clients with injuries adjust their practice, and wants every person in each class to leave the studio feeling energized. 



Originally an Air Force brat, Shay grew up moving often and keeping up an active lifestyle through running clubs and playing on the soccer team her parents coached when she was 4. She continued moving frequently as she chased her career around the country prior to settling in Utah with her Husband, son and two giant dogs. Like many of us, Shay was drawn to Utah for the incredible accessibility of activities like hiking, backpacking and skiing, which quickly became central parts of her life. 

In 2015 Shay found herself in a dark place after a car accident injured her neck and prohibited her from doing the activities she loved. Pilates healed her mentally and physically and through her own recovery she was able to watch the magic pilates had on others. A light bulb went off during her recovery phase when she realized she could combine her love of helping others and exercise through Pilates, which can be practiced by any person of any age. From childhood to your 100’s, there isn’t a body Pilates cannot benefit. 

Shay went through a comprehensive training in Washington and is BASI certified and aims to empower her clients and help them thrive at the activities they love and yearn to do through balance, strength, and the flexibility Pilates incorporates. Shay looks forward to continuing her education as an instructor at the Pilates Studio Utah. 



Born and raised in Northern Utah, Tara grew up with a love for dancing and a passion for learning how the body works. From a young age, her dream was to be a medical doctor, but after a mental health battle she realized that was not her path. Thanks to a great friend, Tara was introduced to Pilates – and she was immediately hooked. Not only did Pilates help Tara with her mental health, but she also found that practicing Pilates connected directly with healing and taking care of her body.

Tara has been teaching Pilates for just over 2 years at multiple studios around Utah. She is trained in contemporary Pilates, and she strives to foster a deeper knowledge of the basics through continuous studies of classical Pilates. 

Tara is also a certified foot zone practitioner – so when she’s not doing Pilates, you’ll find her helping others discover what their bodies are trying to tell them about their health through reflexology. She loves being outside, rock climbing, hiking, playing her crystal singing bowls, and traveling around the world.